We are a husband and wife team of practitioners and teachers of embodied awakening in relationship.  Married in 2005, we have been in a conscious partnership for over a decade and enjoy sharing our experience, wisdom and heart in service to individuals, other couples and fellow parents.

We primarily work with couples to help them embrace more joy, connection and intimacy in their relationships.  You will learn many embodied spiritual practices from the esoteric teachings of Tantra.  These practices will help you to feel more connected physically, emotionally and spiritually and will also help you to communicate more vulnerably and therefore more effectively. Learning to align and live from your deepest Self will help you find greater connection in your relationships and in all aspects of your life.

In this time period there is such a great call and need to embody a deeper way of relating with ourselves and to each other.  When we slow down, take a sacred pause and let the breath soften our protective shields, we are drawn into a more honest, real and heartfelt conversation with each other.  Even in our greatest challenges, no matter how difficult the conversation may be, when we soften our stance we are led by greater intelligence.

Teaching and Coaching Sessions for Couples

Chris and Jennifer are passionate about working with couples who are using their relationship as a spiritual practice (or those who want to explore what this means).  They have been in relationship for over a decade and have been through hell and back together. They have transformed many stuck patterns and wounds that could only be healed by the grace of Conscious Partnership.

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Individual Private Sessions

Jennifer conducts these sessions one-on-one.  In her own life, she experienced a tremendous amount of trauma and loss which led her to awaken to the infinite Love that is fundamental to who we are.  She comes from this perspective when she works with those who are going through existential angst and spiritual crisis, or who are deeply depressed, having panic attacks and are exhausted from trying to fix what feels broken.

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Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It helps to dissolve tension and energy blockages which leaves you feeling more connected to your heart and brings about a deep sense of equanimity, balance and overall well-being.

Jennifer combines Reiki with meditation and breathing practices to help you relax and slow down so you can align to the healing energy of the universe and embrace the natural intelligence of the body.

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